Long Sleeve Button Through Denim Maxi Dress



Pared back day dresses are the perfect base for layering up this season. No off-duty wardrobe is complete without a casual day dress. Basic bodycon dresses are always a winner and casual cami dresses a key piece for pairing with a polo neck, giving you that effortless everyday edge. Tone down the twinkle for day by teaming a sequin slip dress with a jersey tee ? genius! So, if you ever get caught out for cocktails, this day-to-night look will have you covered.




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Nowadays you can combine every piece of clothing and accessories with one another and say, it’s fashion. Luckily most of us women know how to properly style our outfits before we leave the door. Being able to style properly is a gift, and ladies are gifted. When putting on the Long Sleeve Button Through Denim Maxi Dress you can allow your imagination to go nuts. Wear those perfect high heel shoes beneath it in mixture with the same colour lip gloss. Take it away, your creativity is what we like to see. Your look inspires others for brand-new idea’s, wear it with confidence.