Drape Belt Midi Dress



Invest in a chic midi this season with this jersey plum dress featuring a drape belt detail. 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane. Machine wash.





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Quick, Fast, Bring it… We know you would like to obtain your Drape Belt Midi Dress fallen out from the sky right after you click purchase. Nowadays this is simply not possible yet, but we are performing our absolute best to work together with retailers that provide fast delivery. Searching for the delivery options? Click through a product page to go to the retailers page. The majority of the time they provide delivery options on the product page itself. If not, you will find them if you are ready to checkout.


Nowadays you can combine every piece of clothing and accessories with each other and say, it’s fashion. Luckily the majority of us women know how to properly style our outfits before we leave the door. Being able to style properly is a gift, and ladies are gifted. When wearing the Drape Belt Midi Dress you can let your imagination to go nuts. Use those perfect high heel shoes beneath it in combination with the same colour lip gloss. Take it away, your imagination is what we prefer to see. Your style inspires others for brand-new idea’s, wear it with confidence.