Scarlett & Jo’s Event: A Night to Remember 2

Scarlett & Jo’s Event: A Night to Remember 2 Featured Image

Scarlett & Jo’s A Night to Remember 2 event was certainly filled with glamour, class and our festive club members! Hotel Café Royal was the elegant location at which their event took place. A grand location for the company’s Black Tie event.

Scarlett & Jo love to spoil their customers. As a special treat, they had provided a complimentary hair, makeup and photoshoot session, to help make their club members feel extra glamorous for the event. Nothing less than the royal treatment for them! From 12 – 6, the excited Scarlett & Jo community came to have their hair and makeup perfected for the event. The makeup artists gave club members the S&J experience they deserved.

(Watch the Live Stream inside the Makeup room with the Models)

To give their members just what they deserved, the company provided them with an extra special treat. Each of them got to pick and keep a Scarlett & Jo dress of their choice. All club members were gifted by Scarlett & Jo with the opportunity to take part in a photoshoot in their chosen Scarlett and Jo dress! The photographer, Diana, was extremely helpful and Scarlett & Jo are very thankful to her. The stunning photos she took appeared on both the company’s website and social media platforms.

This is very similar to Scarlett & Jo’s Members Model Shoot Competition, which took place in June. Members were invited to participate in a Model Shoot and even attend a Midsummer Ball. Yes, indeed, Scarlett & Jo’s club members were treated like royalty even here! This special event was held to celebrate plus-size fashion in a way that speaks not only for the industry, but also for the beautiful ladies that participated and gained high confidence. Such is the excellent treatment of Scarlett and Jo towards their members.

FAIRYTALE SPARKLE PROM DRESSThe Fairytale Sparkle Prom Dress had certainly caught everybody’s attention, especially Gemma who jumped with joy! Gemma is a size 18 and 5’8”/173 cm tall. Is this the dress for you?

Shop Dress







Next was the Lurex Maxi Bodycon Dress. An elegant and sophisticated design. Claire was clearly looking like a model here! Claire is a size 24 and 5’9”/175 cm tall. Do you love this style?

S&J Alice Art Deco Dress Shop Dress  





Following on was the Alice Art Deco Dress, worn by Liz who clearly took a liking to the style. Liz is a size 16 and 5’5”/165 cm tall.

Shop Dress


Elizabeth is wearing the Black Floral Flock Midi Marilyn Dress with sleeves. She is a size 16 and 5’6”/168 cm tall.

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The Sweetheart Mesh Neck and Sleeve Lurex Maxi Bodycon dress was a real showstopper. Annie is a size 20 and 5’10”/178 cm tall.

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The event! At 6:30pm, the club members made their way down to the ballroom. A champagne and canapés reception began the event. With chandeliers above, and club members dining with one another, all were set and ready to celebrate Scarlett & Jo. Everyone looked dazzling as they wore their favourite Scarlett & Jo dresses.

A delicious three-course meal was served in the grand ballroom of Hotel Café Royal. Club members enjoyed a tasty set of appetisers. The pomegranate caviar delicacy delighted the guests. A Beef Wellington for the main course, and a simple Ferrero Roche grandeur dessert. The candlelit dinner unquestionably set the atmosphere. Many photos were taken by club members with one another.

(Watch the Live Stream Inside the Event)

Friends were made and drinks were shared. K.N.E and his dance group were the entertainment for the evening. Their style was unique and certainly riveting, blending a variety of music genres and incorporating these into their performance. Scarlett & Jo’s choice of evening entertainment certainly gave their club members an evening they would not forget.

All in all, Scarlett & Jo held a wonderful event. Even more importantly, they did what every other fashion retailer aims to do; make their club members feel like the most important ones on the planet. By gracing them with this grand event and many special rewards, their dedication to their club members cannot be missed.

Got excited about the Scarlett and Jo dresses? Shop the full collection Scarlett & Jo Dresses!

The Origins of a Diva and her Diva Dresses

She’s fierce, untouchable, and the ultimate icon. A fashion diva is something we all aspire to become. She emulates style in its purest form because she strides through life with her big, confident personality and doesn’t let others influence who she is or who she wants to be. By she, we mean it’s all about her persona.

Throughout history, the meaning of diva has evolved a lot. From meaning an ungrateful, famous person to the ultimate fashion icon out there. The word originates from the Latin word ‘divus’ meaning goddess, and the Italian noun ‘divas’ meaning a female deity. In 2017 the most common meaning of ‘diva’ is a person who will always try to achieve anything they wish too, doing it with class and style. We’ve seen so many amazing, divas throughout the past few decades which include icons such as Marylin Monroe, Beyoncé and Annie Lennox. The modern usage of the word ‘diva’ came from Annie Lennox in 1992 when she released her album named Divas. Ever since then, the personification of diva has been explored by so many celebrities and influencers.

Exploring the Ultimate Divas

Marylin Monroe is possibly the most original diva in fashion history. Not only did she start the curvy revolution in the 1960’s but she set trends and standards that hardly any other diva has been able to live up too. Her dresses and outfits throughout her career were definitely too diva for anyone to handle these days. Tight, short dresses that showed off her luscious figure – her style changed fashion. From perfectly white dresses to bright pink feather bowers, anything that was fit for a diva catwalk was suitable. Dressing like a diva has never been easy but some icons have levelled Marylin Monroe, such as Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is the definition of diva. If you ever hear someone say; what is a diva? Your answer should always be Queen Bey. It’s not just her confident, out-going personality either. It’s her whole aura that comes across in her public appearances as well as her music. She always looks amazing on the diva catwalk and red-carpet events and isn’t afraid to be adventurous with her outfits. Some might argue she is even more of a fashion diva than Marylin Monroe herself, but we shouldn’t make any quick assumptions.

Marilyn Monroe


Expressing Yourself Like a True Diva

If you’re up for the challenge of becoming a diva, in the truest form, then you need to make sure you express yourself in the right way. It won’t come easy but if you can pull it off then you’re in luck. Whether you love wearing statement jewellery with a jumpsuit, or you’re more a jeans and crop top girl. There are so many ways you can express yourself to be a diva. The main accessory you need is a diva dress, and we aren’t just talking a dress that you can wear daily. Diva dresses are the best, and probably the only way to truly express your inner diva. Yet, you might be asking, what are diva dresses? That’s where the fun begins…

Diva dresses are essentially the type of dresses we always look at in a store or online and think we can’t wear because we don’t have the figure for it. We think we can’t pull them off because we aren’t cool enough, the truth is, any true diva can with the right attitude. Low-cut dresses are ideal as they show off that you have a riskier side, whilst open-back dresses are a personal favourite.

Open-back dresses have been a trend for quite a while and they have so many different styles to choose from. They all look amazing though, so don’t worry if you think your style isn’t diva enough, it most likely is. You’ve just got to know how to express your inner diva to the fullest. Off-the-shoulders scream that you’re an elegant, yet stylish lady. Noticed how we said, lady? That’s exactly how you should be presenting yourself. These dresses are probably one of the best diva dresses you’ll come across because they can make you feel so confident and incredible. Diva dresses should convey a sexy, yet sophisticated sense of style. If you’ve ever heard of the Jessica Wright dresses then you’ll know what we are talking about, they’re possibly the best type of diva dress.

Picking Your Perfect Diva Dress

Picking your perfect diva dress can be hard, being a diva anyway isn’t easy. As long as you know what you’re looking for, and your price range is set then you should just be able to go off and get the perfect dress. However, if you’ve ever been in that situation then you’ll know it’s not as easy as that. If you’re looking for a diva dress then definitely look at the three diva styles mentioned above, colours are another hurdle to jump too. The ideal diva dress is most likely a dark, mysterious colour, however, colours like white and bright yellow work too.

The sexiest dress of all would probably be a low-cut, red dress – possibly the diva dress of all diva dresses. Red is the trend of the Autum/Winter of 2017, so not only will you look amazing. You’ll be the ultimate fashion icon – which is the point of diva dresses, right?

The best advice you can get for picking a dress that is perfect for you is to know your best assets and know how to show them off. If you love your stomach and how toned it is, then a tight, bodycon diva dress might be your way forward. However, if your back looks great then why not go for an open-back style? The choice is essentially yours, pick your perfect diva dress, wear it with confidence and you’ll be able to conquer anything. It’s all about your confidence. By picking a dress that makes you feel happy, you’ll be able to look great and have a good time too.

These three styles are probably our favourite ones, you can also click on them to see where they’re from…

The Jazmin Pencil Dress in Ink Black
Click Image to Shop
iKrush Monique Velour Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress
Click Image to Shop
Embroidered Open Back Bodycon Dress
Click Image to Shop

Accessorising Your Diva Dresses

Jewellery might not be your thing, yet there are so many other ways to accessorise your diva dress. Whether that is with a statement bag, fascinator (if you’re going to a wedding and what to look great!) or even the best pair of heels. It’s all about making your dress feel amazing, heels are the defining feature to any outfit, especially if you’re wanting to look your best. Bold coloured dresses are best with bold, thick jewellery like large hooped earrings or a colourful statement necklace. If you’d rather rock a dress with patterns or prints on then a more minimalistic jewellery look is the best way to go. You don’t want the attention to be on your jewellery and accessories rather than your gorgeous dress/outfit that you have spent good money on.

ASOS Mini Jewel Body Chain
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Metal Disc Tassel Earrings
Click Image to Shop
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Regarding shoes or heels, black is the best option, no matter what you wear or what occasion it is. As winter and autumn are the colder months, darker colours are what you should go for as they’re more associated with these months. You should wear whatever you feel is best for the occasion. Often enough, lighter, brighter colours are more appropriate for certain occasions but you should take each diva outfit as it comes.

Hopefully, you now have more of an idea about what types of diva dresses you like and what to wear, now you’re officially ready to go out and kick a**! You go, girl!

Your Perfect Dress Horoscope Guide [infographic]

Featured Image-Horoscope

The future is a mystery. Filled with promise or excitement (or dread, depending on the situation!), the future holds many secrets that can only be revealed when the time is right. There are some things you can’t control, like fate or destiny, but what you can control is looking fantastic! What dress brings out your eyes, dear Pisces? Is there a dress that can make you shine, wonderful Aries? Below are dresses that are ready to impress based off of your astrological sign and personality traits.


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5 Affordable Graduation Dresses You Will Love

Missguided High Neck Double Layer Lace Dress

Graduation is finally here. You put in all of those long hours studying, taking those tests, making lasting friendships, and hopefully having a little fun. Now it’s finally time for the big day, but sadly you have a small budget. We’ve all been there. Don’t fret yet! Here are five affordable dresses all under £50 that are equal parts adorable, cute, and accomplished, just like you.

Floral Cap Sleeve Tunic Dress

About to go out to dinner with family and friends? This floral cap sleeve tunic dress is equal parts sophisticated and classic. With this effortless tunic silhouette, it’s timeless too. Both your grandmother and BFF will compliment you on your look, as you gather around the table for a big meal, laughs, and love. And at £40 for this beautiful dress, you’ll look smart too.

floral cap sleeve tunic dress

High Neck Double Layer Lace Dress

Listen, you spent your whole life leading up to this moment. You want to make the best statement possible with the brightest dress available! With this bold red lace dress you’ll certainly be the center of attention in all the right ways. With stunning double layer flare details, and a short hemline to show off your legs, you can transition from formal family fun to a late night celebration with friends afterward.

Missguided High Neck Double Layer Lace Dress

50s Corinna Polkadot Swing Dress in Sky Blue

Are you tired of the same old party dresses? Are you more of a vintage queen? This polka dot swing dress is fabulously fun. In a lovely sky blue with white little polkadots covering the entire dress, this is a lighthearted outfit, reflecting your delightful personality. With adorable lace details around the bodice and pockets, and a longer hemline, this dress is fit for graduation and beyond.

Lindy Bop 50s Corinna Polkadot Swing Dress in Sky Blue

Strappy Floral Wrap Dress

If you’re looking for something more figure flattering and effortless, this stunning floral wrap dress is your best bet. Flattering on many different body types, and with a pattern that is both classic and modern, graduating never felt so good. And at a price point of £39, it’s hardly a wonder why you got such good grades.

Strappy Floral Wrap Dress

Dusty Blue Floral Bandeau Midi Dress

Is there a spring in your step now that you’re graduating? This stunning dusty blue floral midi dress is the perfect complement to your accomplishment. The colours are gorgeous and light, reminding you of the excitement that is ahead of you. Hugging you in all the right ways with a flattering neckline, this cute little number is only £25!


The hard part is over, and the graduation should be fun and free. The future is bright with possibilities, and you’re ready to tackle them head on. With these dresses all under £50, you can invest your money and time elsewhere and looking absolutely amazing while doing it.

Striking and Exciting Slip Dresses

Lila Velvet Strappy Slip Dress

Before all the risk-taking we have in fashion today, a slip dress was used as a more functional item. Worn underneath garments to smooth out a dress or a skirt, the slip was a helpful tool to help look your best. Now, in 2017, wearing a slip dress on its own has an edgy and sexy appeal. Slip dresses were never meant to be seen, but now, with these patterns and styles they are certain to be showstoppers.

This tropical printed slip dress from ASOS has a sporty, modern design, yet perfect for an exciting adventure at the beach or beyond. This loose-fitting dress is comfortable and effortless, while being fashion forward with interesting lines and patterns.

ASOS Midi Cami Slip Dress in Tropical Print

Va va voom! This little number from Boohoo is quite a knock out. Slip dresses were meant to never be seen in the past, and now they’ve evolved to form fitting silhouettes and interesting textures. This velvet slip dress is a shade of beautiful sunset orange, perfect for a night out.

Lila Velvet Strappy Slip Dress

If you’re looking for a mix between spring and summer, House of Fraser has the answer! This slip dress is a little longer, has a fun floral print but with summer tones, fit for a beautiful day on a boat. Effortlessly chic, this classy slip dress can work beautifully in a number of occasions.

Mink Pink Pacifico Floral Strappy Midi Slip Dress

Calling all bohemian goddesses! This slip dress from Top Shop is a beautiful mixture between Stevie Nicks and a flashback to the seventies. Beautiful baby pink embroidery details along with fringe at the bottom make this slip dress free spirited and unforgettable.

Embroidered Fringe Slip Dress

Floral & Printed Dresses for Spring/Summer 2017


Celebrate spring and summer with fresh, vibrant and trendy fashion choices that will bring playfulness and colour to your life! Let nature inspire you with these delightful floral prints:

(Click on the images to shop!)



The styles and variety of patterns are endless. Romantic, feminine, bold, edgy—you name it! Don’t limit yourself to only simple and “safe” options, go wild and express yourself. Mix and match, combine floral with other prints as well. One of our favourites is the perfect blend of dots and flowers for the ultimate chic look.

Spot Floral Tie Tea Dress

Long or knee-length floral dresses are stunning options to go for when you need a dope dress that will steal the spotlight. Evening dates, weddings or other events that require a “Cinderella” dress are ideal occasions for this kind of floral extravagance.

CLARBEL Blossom Jacquard full dress

When you combine two huge trends into one, that’s a double win! Floral printed dresses with off-the-shoulder design should be your staple clothing piece for this season. Try different materials, sleeve styles and lengths if you can’t decide.

Little Mistress Bardot Shift Dress

Bodycon printed dresses are excellent to include in your work attire. The printed design is not overwhelming, yet is still attention-grabbing. Pair it with simple shoes and minimalist accessories for a remarkable daytime look.

M&S COLLECTION Printed Bodycon Dress

Skater floral dresses are the high point of street style. They go well with strappy sandals, oxfords and comfy trainers. The fit and flare design gives out a flowy, effortless look we all love during spring and summer.

White Floral Print Cross Strap Back Skater Dress

In their blooming beauty, all future mums should crown their maternity outfits with a floral printed dress. The design of the dress must be practical, comfortable, and it must be made with a smooth fabric.

Mamalicious Multi Coloured Floral Print Nursing Dress

If you love the classic fitted dresses with a back zip fastening, why not spice up your collection with a unique printed floral piece? This specific dress will blow your mind! It features a watercolour stripe design with oriental floral detailing, making it a true one-of-a-kind piece.

Phase Eight Rai Print Dress

Great Dress Finds for the Plus Sized Woman


Finding the right dress for the right occasion is the bane of many a woman’s existence. Add to that the difficulty of finding plus sized clothing that isn’t frumpy and the stress can be immense. Thankfully, clothing stores and their websites are now catering to women of all sizes. Some of the best options can be found on Topshop and Forever 21’s respective websites. Yes, ladies: you no longer have to shop exclusively on dedicated Plus Size websites.

Forever 21 has a great deal of bodycon dresses that help you celebrate your shape instead of hiding it in a loose sack. For instance, this Tank Dress isn’t messing around: It’s fitted, a great color, and will make you look like you’re ready for a night out with the Kardashians (those gals love a bodycon dress).

Plus Size Tank Dress

If you’re looking for something a little more forgiving, Forever 21 also has options like the Turtleneck Dress. This dress is simultaneously on-trend and classic. The fit is flattering and allows for more room below the chest. It’s fun, flowy, but still very current and not overly girly. Dresses like this and skater dresses are good for those who don’t want to show off everything they’ve got; those would definitely be good purchases for those who are more self-conscious. These types of dresses offer style and comfort.

Plus Size Turtleneck Dress

If you’re looking for fun party options, House of Frasier has a great plus-size collection. There is an array of exciting options to choose from. For instance, this faux-leather dress would be a great addition to anyone’s closet. Sexy, sleek, exciting: anyone who wears this will certainly make a bold statement at any party.

Linea Flora PU Full Skirted Dress

Another great statement piece is the Samya Block Colour Panel Dress. This knee length dress is conservative enough for family holiday parties, but also works for a night on the town. A nice fit at the waist with a flared skirt emphasizes curves, while also providing enough room to feel comfortable. The back even has a lace detail that makes it a little more delicate or elegant, even.

Samya Plus Size Block Colour Panel Dress

Plus size clothing designs aren’t what they used to be; the fashion industry has made great strides in providing the same breadth of options to women of size as they do to the average woman, Talls, or Petites. If you’re shopping for something sexy, definitely check out the plus section of Forever 21’s website; the choices will astound you. Should you be looking for statement dresses that are great party staples, check out the plus section of House of Frasier. You won’t be disappointed by the options on either site. Good luck and get shopping! 😉