Scarlett & Jo’s Event: A Night to Remember 2

Scarlett & Jo’s Event: A Night to Remember 2 Featured Image

Scarlett & Jo’s A Night to Remember 2 event was certainly filled with glamour, class and our festive club members! Hotel Café Royal was the elegant location at which their event took place. A grand location for the company’s Black Tie event.

Scarlett & Jo love to spoil their customers. As a special treat, they had provided a complimentary hair, makeup and photoshoot session, to help make their club members feel extra glamorous for the event. Nothing less than the royal treatment for them! From 12 – 6, the excited Scarlett & Jo community came to have their hair and makeup perfected for the event. The makeup artists gave club members the S&J experience they deserved.

(Watch the Live Stream inside the Makeup room with the Models)

To give their members just what they deserved, the company provided them with an extra special treat. Each of them got to pick and keep a Scarlett & Jo dress of their choice. All club members were gifted by Scarlett & Jo with the opportunity to take part in a photoshoot in their chosen Scarlett and Jo dress! The photographer, Diana, was extremely helpful and Scarlett & Jo are very thankful to her. The stunning photos she took appeared on both the company’s website and social media platforms.

This is very similar to Scarlett & Jo’s Members Model Shoot Competition, which took place in June. Members were invited to participate in a Model Shoot and even attend a Midsummer Ball. Yes, indeed, Scarlett & Jo’s club members were treated like royalty even here! This special event was held to celebrate plus-size fashion in a way that speaks not only for the industry, but also for the beautiful ladies that participated and gained high confidence. Such is the excellent treatment of Scarlett and Jo towards their members.

FAIRYTALE SPARKLE PROM DRESSThe Fairytale Sparkle Prom Dress had certainly caught everybody’s attention, especially Gemma who jumped with joy! Gemma is a size 18 and 5’8”/173 cm tall. Is this the dress for you?

Shop Dress







Next was the Lurex Maxi Bodycon Dress. An elegant and sophisticated design. Claire was clearly looking like a model here! Claire is a size 24 and 5’9”/175 cm tall. Do you love this style?

S&J Alice Art Deco Dress Shop Dress  





Following on was the Alice Art Deco Dress, worn by Liz who clearly took a liking to the style. Liz is a size 16 and 5’5”/165 cm tall.

Shop Dress


Elizabeth is wearing the Black Floral Flock Midi Marilyn Dress with sleeves. She is a size 16 and 5’6”/168 cm tall.

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The Sweetheart Mesh Neck and Sleeve Lurex Maxi Bodycon dress was a real showstopper. Annie is a size 20 and 5’10”/178 cm tall.

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The event! At 6:30pm, the club members made their way down to the ballroom. A champagne and canapés reception began the event. With chandeliers above, and club members dining with one another, all were set and ready to celebrate Scarlett & Jo. Everyone looked dazzling as they wore their favourite Scarlett & Jo dresses.

A delicious three-course meal was served in the grand ballroom of Hotel Café Royal. Club members enjoyed a tasty set of appetisers. The pomegranate caviar delicacy delighted the guests. A Beef Wellington for the main course, and a simple Ferrero Roche grandeur dessert. The candlelit dinner unquestionably set the atmosphere. Many photos were taken by club members with one another.

(Watch the Live Stream Inside the Event)

Friends were made and drinks were shared. K.N.E and his dance group were the entertainment for the evening. Their style was unique and certainly riveting, blending a variety of music genres and incorporating these into their performance. Scarlett & Jo’s choice of evening entertainment certainly gave their club members an evening they would not forget.

All in all, Scarlett & Jo held a wonderful event. Even more importantly, they did what every other fashion retailer aims to do; make their club members feel like the most important ones on the planet. By gracing them with this grand event and many special rewards, their dedication to their club members cannot be missed.

Got excited about the Scarlett and Jo dresses? Shop the full collection Scarlett & Jo Dresses!

Most Influencing Jessica Wright Dresses

Featured Image Jessica Wright Blog Post

Back in 2012, Jessica Wright launched her collection of beautiful, bold lace dresses and ever since she has been adding to the line and creating more influencing dresses. In case you’ve never heard of who Jess Wright is, she’s a model, reality TV personality and an entrepreneur who is most well known for her part in ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ in which she has appeared in since 2010. The model is now 32 and living in Tower Hamlets, London which could explain why her collection has become so big in the fashion industry. Initially, she had the idea to start her collection and her line of dresses because she had a passion to create, especially something that she loved – dresses. Jessica Wright dresses are known for being not only beautiful but bold in colour and it’s definitely a line you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

The Jessica Wright Collection

Probably the most amazing thing about Jessica Wright is that she never fails to look glamorous even if she’s enjoying a dress-down day, which may be the reason of why she started the clothing line in the first place. The initial idea for the clothing line came after Jess found fame on the TV programme and realised she had started to become a style icon for many women across the UK. She had recently started losing weight and toning up which meant she became a lot more confident in the clothes she wore and therefore decided to start the collection. The first collection she brought out back in 2012 was based on her own style (as people loved it so much!).

In a video with Reveal Magazine, Wright goes on to explain what each dress means to her from the inner party girl to the classy, sophisticated lady she is. As soon as the first collection of Jessica Wright dresses launched, the whole of the UK’s population went crazy for the dresses, ever since she has been constantly growing her brand image and creating a collection that suits everyone.

Throughout 2013, Jess Wright started to talk about talks in a shoe line too, this came into action around 2015 before she then released her second collection in late 2016. The shoes are also based on her style, with a mixture of the style of times in there too. No matter what happens with her brand, Jessica Wright still remains that she designs everything from scratch as she likes them to be perfect. Back to 2013 when Jess released her second line of dresses, this time the focus was more on neon’s and florals as they were the ‘in’ fashion at the time. These dresses were probably her most outgoing collection but they still sold a lot and people still went crazy for them. Fast-forward to 2017 and her collection is now stocked in over 10 different online retailers such as Very, Lipsy, ASOS, Dresslover and many more as well as her own website. Although she doesn’t have any physical shops here in the UK, her line is endorsed by other retailers that stock her collection within their stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser. This is extremely handy for people who love to try things on before they buy anything clothes related, rather than just simply buying it online.

Jessica Wright Red Dress

The current Jessica Wright Collection has been expanded too, she no longer just sells dresses. Her collection includes blouses, skirts and even tracksuits. Yet, her dresses are still the most popular piece of clothing on the website. With over 50 dresses within the current line, it’s no wonder everyone loves these, formal to dressed-down. All of the dresses are different too, even though most of them are towards the formal side, past collections have been more focusing on summer dresses that could be worn during the day. All off the Jessica Wright dresses come in sizes 6 to 14 and range from around £50 to £170 depending on sales. The newest VIP range that has been released focuses on a formal, elegant feel with dark colours being a strong competitor with her newer dresses. Some of the most popular dresses are mostly the Jessica Wright floral dresses as that was one of her initial ideas of putting a collection together.


 Jess Wright’s Blown-up Instagram


Over on her Instagram, the collection is really taking off. With over 1.3 million Instagram followers, this is where the collection really started to get noticed by the women of the UK. Her photos are based on her normal life but also promote much of her collection, the popularity of her Instagram allows the brand to get more exposure and gets people knowing what Jessica Wright dresses actually are. Thousands of likes, orders, and pictures later, the Jessica Wright brand, With Love Jessica, was born.



Popular Jessica Wright Must-Haves

Focusing more on her dresses than the brand image she has successfully built up herself, comes when we start talking about her designs and the most popular Jessica Wright Dresses in her collection. The frilled baby-blue maxi dress has always been a popular favourite as it can be adapted to all seasonal occasions and all different occasions too.

Whether you’re attending a wedding, christening or just a friend’s birthday party, this dress is a classy elegant and relatively cheap dress to get but it in no way looks cheap. Perhaps our favourite thing about this dress, in particular, is the leg slit up the front of the left-hand side and the idea that frills can look good without looking childish, which is often a worry some women have.

Another popular yet extremely different dress is her off the shoulder floral dress, this one is such a great summer dress, but many women have dressed it up and worn it out to a night out which is such a nice touch. The baggy sleeves that cut at the elbow give it a slight 80’s vibe whilst we can also really rock the 2010’s look with the rest of the dress. A lot of the time you can also find Jessica Wright dresses sale which knocks a big chunk of the price off them anyway, meaning classier dresses for you at a lower cost.

Jessica Wright Poppie Frill Bardot Maxi Dress
Jessica Wright Poppie Frill Bardot Maxi Dress
Jessica Wright Emsie Bardot Bodycon Dress
Jessica Wright Emsie Bardot Bodycon Dress

The Jessica Wright Collection is so much more than just selling clothes, it’s about expressing yourself through inexpensive, gorgeous dresses, shoes, and blouses. Jess Wright released her collection for one reason and one reason only, she wanted to highlight to the world how creative, innovative, and stylish she could be through a range of beautiful, bold dresses. You may not like her as a TV reality star but her collection is about much more than that, it’s about spending less money on quality products that will definitely make everyone stare as you walk in the room. Jess Wright, we couldn’t love your collection of influencing dresses any more than we already do.

Your Perfect Dress Horoscope Guide [infographic]

Featured Image-Horoscope

The future is a mystery. Filled with promise or excitement (or dread, depending on the situation!), the future holds many secrets that can only be revealed when the time is right. There are some things you can’t control, like fate or destiny, but what you can control is looking fantastic! What dress brings out your eyes, dear Pisces? Is there a dress that can make you shine, wonderful Aries? Below are dresses that are ready to impress based off of your astrological sign and personality traits.


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The Most Flattering LBD’s to Wear on Date Night

Long Sleeve Leaf Applique Dress

Everyone knows that you absolutely cannot go wrong with a LBD, or little black dress on date night. The dark shade allows them to go with practically any shoe or choice of jewellery, and there are so many unique styles on the high street to suit each and every body type. Plus, they’re incredibly flattering. So if you’re looking for the perfect LBD to wear on date nights this summer, but you can’t afford to break the bank, then here are the most flattering little black dresses that you can find on the high street.

Long Sleeve Leaf Applique Dress

This pretty, sophisticated dress can be found in most Topshop stores and on the website. Its feminine lace detail and scoop neckline makes it the perfect classy number to wear on date night. Made from 100% polyester, the most flattering feature of this LBD is the semi-transparent arms and neckline in which it’s adorned with intricate leaves and flowers.

   Long Sleeve Leaf Applique Dress

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Off Shoulder Dress With Dramatic Sleeve

ASOS is renowned for its fabulous collection of LBD’s, and this one proves just that. This summery, flowy little black dress combines casual and formal and can be worn for practically any occasion, day or night. The dress’s ruchéd cuffs and lace-up detail is one of its best features. It is made from 100% crisp cotton, meaning it’s hand-wash only. But the extra work is definitely worth it to look gorgeous on date night.

Off Shoulder Dress With Dramatic Sleeve

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Bandeau Bandage Midi Bodycon Dress

This flattering bandage bodycon dress from is the perfect LBD to wear for a fancy restaurant date followed by drinks. Bodycon dresses are designed to enhance one’s figure, and this one in particular looks great teamed with a statement necklace and bright clutch bag.

Bandeau Bandage Midi Bodycon Dress

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Black Metal Trim Halter Neck Mini Dress

More on the formal, sophisticated side, this halter neck mini dress is the ideal dress for date night. At an absolute steal from New Look stores, its ruffled, streamlined torso teams up amazingly with the low back and metal halter neck feature. Pair it with some pointed heels and statement earrings for the best possible look.

Black Metal Trim Halter Neck Mini Dress

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High Necked Lace Dress

From AX Paris, this stunning black crochet lace dress is a LBD for all seasons. The classic high neck goes perfectly with the short sleeves, and the hanging lace detail at the bottom is a pretty, feminine feature. Team it with a statement red lip and heels to achieve that ideal date night outfit.

High Necked Lace Dress

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Pick your favourite one and start the Little Black Dress Challenge!

Now your outfit is ready for the date, what about your energy level? Feeling tired at the dinner table is not ideal, especially not if he looks way to cute. Get yourself fit with this little black dress challenge in 30 days. Combining this with one of your favourite little black dress designs will make you look irresistible. Girl Power!

30 Day LBD Challenge

Must-Have Festival Dresses for 2017


From classically bohemian to new-age chic, these festival dresses hit all the right tones for this summer season of musical fun.

When you think of festival dresses, what comes to your mind? Is it the long, flowy maxi dress? The vintage floral details? And who can forget tassels or fringe to complete the look? Festivals and fashion go hand in hand and what better way to celebrate the season wearing something effortless and amazing. Get extra hiped with these festival outfit ideas.

First, we’ll start with a classic festival frock. With embroidered colourful flowers on the bodice and maximum flowiness in the skirt, this white dress is going to be a hit on Instagram with vintage, old school appeal. Pair it with a giant hat and retro shades to keep cool while looking stunning.

Forever21 Festival Dress

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Looking for something a little more on trend? This high neck, cold shoulder dress is unbeatable in both style and comfort. Having a super fun and feminine pink print with the length of a maxi dress, you’ll be able to enjoy an entire day of supporting your favourite performers.

LittleWoods Pink Festival Outfit

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Perhaps you want the festival vibe without looking like a flower child. If this sounds like you, this dress is high fashion with festival undertones. Tassels at the bottom and a chic floral pattern, this festival style can turn a day festival into a night of dancing in a posh club. Exchange beer in a plastic cup for high class martinis in this little number.


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You’ll definitely get to meet the band with this red floral midi dress. In a striking colour, paired with flattering ruffles and adorable silhouette, you’ll get admiring looks wherever you go. How could you not? In this timeless dress, you’ll get backstage passes.

Red Floral Midi Festival Dress

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This classy dress has equal parts festival appeal and garden party subtilty. With beautiful flora and fauna embroidery and stunning details found throughout this dark blue dress, there is a nod to the 70s along with a modern cut and style. Most importantly, however, you can still twirl!

House of Fraser

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Who ever said tie dye was outdated? This maxi dress brings the hippie technique into 2017 with a fun bold print. Never will you feel more comfortable or free than in this free-flowing dress. This dress is a perfect complement for lounging in the sun with your favourite people. Combine this beauty with some colourful festival accessoires to finish it of.


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Festivals are a time to unwind, hang out with friends, and seeing some of your favourite, most influential artists. It can also be a time to showcase your amazing style and fashion sense. Be brave and unlock your style potential with these showstopper festival dresses.

5 Affordable Graduation Dresses You Will Love

Missguided High Neck Double Layer Lace Dress

Graduation is finally here. You put in all of those long hours studying, taking those tests, making lasting friendships, and hopefully having a little fun. Now it’s finally time for the big day, but sadly you have a small budget. We’ve all been there. Don’t fret yet! Here are five affordable dresses all under £50 that are equal parts adorable, cute, and accomplished, just like you.

Floral Cap Sleeve Tunic Dress

About to go out to dinner with family and friends? This floral cap sleeve tunic dress is equal parts sophisticated and classic. With this effortless tunic silhouette, it’s timeless too. Both your grandmother and BFF will compliment you on your look, as you gather around the table for a big meal, laughs, and love. And at £40 for this beautiful dress, you’ll look smart too.

floral cap sleeve tunic dress

High Neck Double Layer Lace Dress

Listen, you spent your whole life leading up to this moment. You want to make the best statement possible with the brightest dress available! With this bold red lace dress you’ll certainly be the center of attention in all the right ways. With stunning double layer flare details, and a short hemline to show off your legs, you can transition from formal family fun to a late night celebration with friends afterward.

Missguided High Neck Double Layer Lace Dress

50s Corinna Polkadot Swing Dress in Sky Blue

Are you tired of the same old party dresses? Are you more of a vintage queen? This polka dot swing dress is fabulously fun. In a lovely sky blue with white little polkadots covering the entire dress, this is a lighthearted outfit, reflecting your delightful personality. With adorable lace details around the bodice and pockets, and a longer hemline, this dress is fit for graduation and beyond.

Lindy Bop 50s Corinna Polkadot Swing Dress in Sky Blue

Strappy Floral Wrap Dress

If you’re looking for something more figure flattering and effortless, this stunning floral wrap dress is your best bet. Flattering on many different body types, and with a pattern that is both classic and modern, graduating never felt so good. And at a price point of £39, it’s hardly a wonder why you got such good grades.

Strappy Floral Wrap Dress

Dusty Blue Floral Bandeau Midi Dress

Is there a spring in your step now that you’re graduating? This stunning dusty blue floral midi dress is the perfect complement to your accomplishment. The colours are gorgeous and light, reminding you of the excitement that is ahead of you. Hugging you in all the right ways with a flattering neckline, this cute little number is only £25!


The hard part is over, and the graduation should be fun and free. The future is bright with possibilities, and you’re ready to tackle them head on. With these dresses all under £50, you can invest your money and time elsewhere and looking absolutely amazing while doing it.

Striking and Exciting Slip Dresses

Lila Velvet Strappy Slip Dress

Before all the risk-taking we have in fashion today, a slip dress was used as a more functional item. Worn underneath garments to smooth out a dress or a skirt, the slip was a helpful tool to help look your best. Now, in 2017, wearing a slip dress on its own has an edgy and sexy appeal. Slip dresses were never meant to be seen, but now, with these patterns and styles they are certain to be showstoppers.

This tropical printed slip dress from ASOS has a sporty, modern design, yet perfect for an exciting adventure at the beach or beyond. This loose-fitting dress is comfortable and effortless, while being fashion forward with interesting lines and patterns.

ASOS Midi Cami Slip Dress in Tropical Print

Va va voom! This little number from Boohoo is quite a knock out. Slip dresses were meant to never be seen in the past, and now they’ve evolved to form fitting silhouettes and interesting textures. This velvet slip dress is a shade of beautiful sunset orange, perfect for a night out.

Lila Velvet Strappy Slip Dress

If you’re looking for a mix between spring and summer, House of Fraser has the answer! This slip dress is a little longer, has a fun floral print but with summer tones, fit for a beautiful day on a boat. Effortlessly chic, this classy slip dress can work beautifully in a number of occasions.

Mink Pink Pacifico Floral Strappy Midi Slip Dress

Calling all bohemian goddesses! This slip dress from Top Shop is a beautiful mixture between Stevie Nicks and a flashback to the seventies. Beautiful baby pink embroidery details along with fringe at the bottom make this slip dress free spirited and unforgettable.

Embroidered Fringe Slip Dress

The Effortless Smock Dress


Need to throw something on for a quick trip to the grocer’s? Want to look effortlessly chic going out for a day at the beach? The smock dress, also known as the “smock-frock” has got you covered. This loose-fitting silhouette is less revealing than other dresses, but gives you fashionable comfort that other outfits can’t pull off.

(Click on the images to shop!)

Black Embroidered Long Sleeve Smock Dress

Embroidery is making a big comeback. This beautiful dress from New Look could transition from day to night due to the classic black colour paired with a stunning embroidered pattern. With added cut-outs on the sleeves, this dress has many interesting details that will keep you coming back for more.


This simple and elegant smock dress from PrettyLittleThing is extremely versatile. Pair it with a brown belt and flats, or dress it up with sparkly jewellery – this dress can take you anywhere and everywhere. Although it is a simple look, the ties on the sleeves adds the perfect amount of finesse.

Kimchi Blue Picnic Floral Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

Time to sashay the day away in this lovely red smock dress from Urban Outfitters. You will feel like a Southern belle in this brightly patterned off-the-shoulder number. Though a little longer than a traditional smock dress, this is a figure-flattering silhouette perfect for a summer BBQ.


Looking for something a bit more modern? This gingham patterned smock dress from Boohoo has an excellent balance of sophistication and flare. With final touches such as its bell sleeves and V neckline, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd in this number.

Get Festival-Ready with the New ‘Wanderlust’ Collection


One of the best things about spring is finally being able to laze around outside and go to the hottest music festivals!

Whether you’re going to attend a festival soon or not, it’s the right time to start shopping for new pieces you can play around with as the summer heat quickly approaches. PrettyLittleThing recently launched their ‘Wanderlust’ collection and it’s all about bold and funky hues and design that will surely get you through spring/summer in top-notch style.

We’ve handpicked five gorgeous pieces from the ‘Wanderlust’ collection that you just must have right now!


1. Kallinda Blue Rainbow Scoop Back Bodycon Dress

Statement piece, anyone? Look no further because the Kallinda dress is all you need to make a bold entrance. Featuring a galactic print with rainbow stripes on the side, this bodycon dress completes your funky sexy look as you hit the poolside parties and enjoy drinks by the beach!


2. Kai Multi Stripe Metallic Knit Maxi Dress

Looking for that eclectic cover-up dress that you can use in the city and at the beach? The Kai metallic knit maxi dress has got you covered: from the top down, with its comfy and airy peekaboo knit fabric, featuring some of the grooviest colours you’ll ever see on a dress. Wear it over your favourite bikini and some high-cut boots and you’re good to go.


3. Katrin Multi Embroidered Halterneck Bodycon Dress

Hippy-inspired fashion makes a comeback here in the form of the Katrin embroidered bodycon dress. You’re bound to turn heads in this babe of a dress which highlights your form as well as your unique sense of funky and playful style. Wear it with boots for the festivals or with sandals if you’re just roaming about in the city.


4. Alayiah Pink Sequin Front Cami Dress

You’re going to look like a sparkling unicorn with the Alayiah sequin cami dress. Covered in holographic sequins, this dress will literally make you shine, as light hits the front part of your dress. If you’re looking for a festival party dress that’ll take you from day to night, then the Alayiah is the right pick for you.


5. Aubrielle Tie Dye Cross Front Playsuit

Tie-dye and mesh on a playsuit? Yes, please! This no-fuss, one-piece ensemble is perfect for those seeking out ‘cool girl’ status with easy-breezy outfits. You don’t have to search far and wide for effortless style because this tie-dye playsuit is all you need to rule the day. Play up your look by wearing chokers and boots – and just have fun!

Didn’t find the festival dress you’re looking for? Check out these Must-Have Festival Dresses.

The Modern Tunic Dress


Tunic dresses have a way of being effortlessly chic. In a wide variety of patterns, cuts, and styles, tunic dresses can shape and flatter your body and provide ease throughout the summer. Though popular in the 70s, tunic dresses are making a comeback in a big way. With summer festivals and concerts just around the corner, tunic dresses are a go-to staple this season.

Vero Moda Longline Tunic Dress In Stripe

Want to keep cool all summer long? This sophisticated knee length tunic from ASOS will do the trick. With easy-going black stripes on a cool white fabric, it hits all the right places on your body. Pair it with a soft brown belt to step it up a notch!

ASOS Made In Kenya Tunic Dress In Geo Floral With Pockets

Sometimes we just must make a statement. When this psychedelic print is paired with a modern silhouette, this tunic dress from ASOS puts you in the 21st century with style. Plus, there’s pockets!

Knot Front Tunic Dress

This berry red tunic dress from Top Shop has all the right moves. From interesting cut outs around the waist that gather into a knot, to the textured berry fabric, you’ll be showing off your glowing skin in no time.

White Stuff Everloom Tunic Dress

Chic meets farm life with this stunning tunic dress from John Lewis. Showcased is traditional Czech floral pattern paired with 3/4th sleeves, this dress can be appropriate in many settings, but also super delightful.

Midwash Denim Shift Tunic

You’ll be a dream in this super cute denim tunic dress from Dorothy Perkins. With a casual fit, pair this with some white trainers and you’ll be ready for errands or a casual picnic. Comfort is key in this adorable little number.