From Casual to Couture: Exquisite Mini Dresses


No wonder why mini dresses are everyone’s go-to casual and party dresses: besides flattering your body type and making your legs longer, they are feminine and chic clothing items. If you’ve been bored with the simple styles lately and would like to try a new flare of mini dresses, these 5 designs were created for you!

Boho Chic Bell Sleeves

Embroidered Bell Sleeve Mini Dress by Rare

Get ready for any festival or hot summer night with a bohemian inspired bell sleeved mini dress. The long, wide sleeves have a very romantic and playful vibe to them, which is matched with the sultry style of the mini dress, creating a very high fashion look.

Elegant High Necklines

Comino Couture High Neck Printed Mini Dress

For a very mini dress, we recommend trying out a high neckline design, that is a bit more elegant and conservative, to ensure you don’t show too much skin or feel uncomfortable while wearing the dress. Don’t worry: a draped, lace embroidered or asymmetrical neckline won’t look boring or conservative, but it will definitely give an interesting twist to the dress.

Great Gatsby Chic

Frock & Frill Floral Embellished Flapper Mini Dress

All-over embellished mini dresses are more like art pieces than regular clothing items. The shine and stunning detailing of the crystals, beads and different materials can make any mini dress look like a million dollars. While most heavily embellished dresses can easily make your body disappear, an embellished mini dress will accentuate your legs.

Romantic Frills

Quiz Green Velvet Mesh Frill Dress

Whether they are on the sleeves, bottom, top or everywhere in your dress, frills will make your mini dress look elegant and stunning. Besides emphasizing your natural figure, frill detailing is also great for taking the basic mini dress designs to the next level.

80s Design

ASOS NIGHT Silver 80s Ruffle Mini Dress

Who doesn’t like a hint of retro in their style? The 80s mini dresses have low, V-cut necks with a belt at the waist, which makes it look a bit slimmer. Their sleeves are usually long and they have a structured shoulder, which creates an effortless business casual vibe to the whole outfit. If you are heading out on a Friday night, make sure to give this vintage design a try!


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