Why You Should Wear A Red Christmas Dress


As December quickly approaches, out come all the party dresses and Christmas outfits that lay in the back of our winter wardrobe. It’s just something about Christmas parties that really excites our inner fashion gurus, not only can we impress that super-hot guy in the office, but we can dress to impress all those office haters from the 10th floor. Yet, we’re never going to get those heads turning with a dress from 2002 that screams the 90’s and a bag that’s been on more nights out than a third year Uni student. You’ve got to find your perfect red Christmas dress that is within your budget (not everyone can afford to spend £300 on a Kate Spade dress, we get it) and that suits your style. We bet you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, where do I even start? That’s why we’ve done some research. Purely so you can look as fabulous as possible and you don’t have to drag yourself (and maybe significant other) round a load of shops on your only Saturday off, save yourself the trouble and order it online in the first place.

Depending on what you normally go for might sway your opinion on style and colour but we’re going to put it out there – red is in. Anything red, from dresses, to head scarves – the lot. Since the start of New York Fashion Week earlier this year, it’s all anyone has been talking about, plus isn’t red just such a Christmas colour? Even though you might not always want to rock up in a cute, red piece it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and experience living a sassy, red life.

Red is the trend of the season!

Girl Wearing Red Dress in the Evening

Despite it being a colour that is in fashion this season (haven’t you seen all the adverts for stores that have red clothing in?) It’s also a Christmas colour that is gorgeous for a Christmasparty. Red was used in the Bible through the colour of apples on the paradise tree. It is also the colour of Holly berries which are said to represent the blood when Jesus died on the cross. And the fact that St Nicholas (also now known as Santa) wore red robes! Red and gold is normally the best combination colour around Christmas time so if you want to look festive and glam at the same time, style your red Christmas dress with some gold jewellery or shoes. Model Wearing Red Dress on Catwalk

Catwalks from London, New York and Paris Fashion Week displayed red in every style and niche possible. Unfortunately, there is such a stigma against wearing red these days as people often don’t think they suit it or can get away with wearing it, for your Christmas outfit though, you definitely can. Wearing red might be daring and take you out of your normal clothing comfort zones but it can be seen as very beautiful and bold – everything you want for a Christmas party. Although, because you aren’t used to wearing such a statement dress, you might have trouble picking what you want and what suits you best. The best idea for picking a dress is to find one that you feel comfortable
in, and one that will allow you to dance your socks off
on that Christmas party dance floor.

Picking a Party Dress that Suits Your Figure

There are several different figure types that you will fall into, it’s rare that you will be just simply one, but you will probably be more one than another – your most dominant figure shape is the one to associate with. The five types include; triangle, rectangle, circle, hourglass and upside-down triangle. Most common out of all of these are hourglass and triangle but you may be a different one.

Five different Women Body ShapesDepending on your figure, you may want to go for different red Christmas dresses, whilst the triangle figure should get a bodycon dress to show off her bum, the upside-down triangle figure will want to show off her best asset which is most like her breasts. No matter what your figure is though, red is going to look great – often people who are red-heads think that they wouldn’t look good wearing the colour red, but the opposite is true. Red heads, brunettes, blondes and even greys look amazing in red.  You want to accentuate your best assets and make the most of what you’ve got. Who wouldn’t want compliments on not only the dress their wearing but the way they flaunt their figure. Don’t be scared to show off, especially at your works Christmas do, that’s possibly a great time to look good because you might not normally – let’s face it, who looks good in office wear!

Those round figured beauties will want a dress that flows, maybe one that can hide any imperfections you’re embarrassed about. Get a dress that is this fitted till the waist, it’s a perfect Christmas swing dress! Off-the-shoulder dresses are a great idea for this type of figure, even if they’re not normally your thing – you can totally rock them. Rectangle figured ladies might want to focus more on maxi-dresses, these are perfect because they’re beautiful (with all the pretty colours and prints) but they can be dressed up for any parties you have. A common misconception is that maxi dresses are for the summer, but you can really get those looks with a classic, long dress such as a maxi.

Hourglass figures are classed as the most beautiful, they are perfect in the eyes of many fashion designers and retailers, it is often that they are mistaken for other figure shapes but if you are an hourglass then let your Christmas party outfit shine bright! The most perfect style of dress for both the hourglass and the up-side down triangle is a dress with a sweetheart necklace. These sorts of dresses look and feel amazing, trust us when we say – having a red sweetheart neckline dress this year will make everyone stare at your beauty.

Shop your perfect Red Christmas Dress at Dresslover

Haven’t you ever seen the big celebrities rocking the most beautiful dresses during the festive season? There are so many including, singing legend Mariah Carey (All I want for Christmas is her stunning figure, right?), Queen Bey herself (I’m glad someone decided to put a ring on it!) and the beautiful celebrity that is Tori Kelly (who actually rocked a one sleeved red piece during Michael Bublé’s Christmas ball in 2015.)

There are so many retailers that specialise in red dresses around the holiday period and rightly so, they’re extremely popular for occasions. If it’s your Christmas party in work, then why not go wearing the popular Quiz’s sweetheart bodycon dress? It’s definitely going to highlight those assets and it looks great with a small black clutch and some heels. Maybe you want something a little shorter, more party-ish? Bailey’s premium lace mini dress is probably more your style. It has long sleeves so is great for keeping warm during that Christmas party. A more classy, elegant dress would have to be the Elisse red bow scuba midi dress, it hugs all your curves and looks so amazing. Pairing it with some skinny heels of any colour could finish this look as well as adding a small choker, possibly one of those diamond ones from ASOS?

Elisse Red Bow Detail Scuba Midi Dress
Elisse Red Bow Detail Scuba Midi Dress
*Quiz Red Lace Bardot Midi Dress
*Quiz Red Lace Bardot Midi Dress
Bailey Red Premium Lace Mini Dress
Bailey Red Premium Lace Mini Dress

Whatever stunning red Christmas dress you choose, the colour is going to stand you out and let no one forget you at that work’s night out. Christmas is just a perfect time of year to show all your co-workers the sassy lady you really are.

Must-Have Festival Dresses for 2017


From classically bohemian to new-age chic, these festival dresses hit all the right tones for this summer season of musical fun.

When you think of festival dresses, what comes to your mind? Is it the long, flowy maxi dress? The vintage floral details? And who can forget tassels or fringe to complete the look? Festivals and fashion go hand in hand and what better way to celebrate the season wearing something effortless and amazing. Get extra hiped with these festival outfit ideas.

First, we’ll start with a classic festival frock. With embroidered colourful flowers on the bodice and maximum flowiness in the skirt, this white dress is going to be a hit on Instagram with vintage, old school appeal. Pair it with a giant hat and retro shades to keep cool while looking stunning.

Forever21 Festival Dress

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Looking for something a little more on trend? This high neck, cold shoulder dress is unbeatable in both style and comfort. Having a super fun and feminine pink print with the length of a maxi dress, you’ll be able to enjoy an entire day of supporting your favourite performers.

LittleWoods Pink Festival Outfit

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Perhaps you want the festival vibe without looking like a flower child. If this sounds like you, this dress is high fashion with festival undertones. Tassels at the bottom and a chic floral pattern, this festival style can turn a day festival into a night of dancing in a posh club. Exchange beer in a plastic cup for high class martinis in this little number.


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You’ll definitely get to meet the band with this red floral midi dress. In a striking colour, paired with flattering ruffles and adorable silhouette, you’ll get admiring looks wherever you go. How could you not? In this timeless dress, you’ll get backstage passes.

Red Floral Midi Festival Dress

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This classy dress has equal parts festival appeal and garden party subtilty. With beautiful flora and fauna embroidery and stunning details found throughout this dark blue dress, there is a nod to the 70s along with a modern cut and style. Most importantly, however, you can still twirl!

House of Fraser

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Who ever said tie dye was outdated? This maxi dress brings the hippie technique into 2017 with a fun bold print. Never will you feel more comfortable or free than in this free-flowing dress. This dress is a perfect complement for lounging in the sun with your favourite people. Combine this beauty with some colourful festival accessoires to finish it of.


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Festivals are a time to unwind, hang out with friends, and seeing some of your favourite, most influential artists. It can also be a time to showcase your amazing style and fashion sense. Be brave and unlock your style potential with these showstopper festival dresses.

Discover the Wonderful Shirt Dress


Separately, they are two standard articles of clothing that are practical must-haves for every wardrobe. Together, they form an ultra-modern fashion statement that bespeaks youth, vitality and most of all fun. Explore the playful spirit and endless possibilities of the shirt dress!

Belted Shirt Dress

A beautiful exercise in casual chic, the Belted Shirt Dress comes to us courtesy of Forever 21. This sleek and delightfully simple frock shines in its ebony splendour, sporting a belted waist, basic collar, a curved hem, a practical button down front, and roll tab long sleeves. Perfect for parties and casual days, this shirt dress is beyond cute!

Phase Eight Naomi Shirt Dress

For an elegant floral variation on the shirt dress concept, John Lewis offers the resplendent Phase Eight Naomi Short Dress. Emblazoned across the lovely ebony surface of this sleeveless cotton dress is a vibrant pattern of gold, scarlet and pearl pink florals. This elegant shirt dress also offers a stately high collar, a practical self-tie belt, and soft, breezy lines. This exquisite frock would be equally at home at an afternoon garden party or evening cocktail soiree.

Poplin Ruffle Shirt Dress

For a lovely Victorian variation on the generally casual shirt dress concept, Topshop brings us the fabulously frilly Poplin Ruffle Shirt Dress. Featuring a sleek mini fit, quarter length sleeves and an adorable ruffled neckline, this smooth, classically designed piece effort would be perfect for a tea party or a night on the town—or perhaps even for a costume party or Renaissance fair! Let’s hear it for versatility!

Blue Gathered Waist Shirt Dress

For a cute, comfy but still dazzling take on the shirt dress concept, Miss Selfridge brings us the Blue Gathered Waist Shirt Dress. This denim fit and flare effort offers a casual fit, practical front-lining buttons and full length sleeves. Made from cotton, this shirt dress would fit in perfectly well at work or school, or for a relaxing day at home.

Reiss Zoe Shirt Dress

For a lovely lavender alternative, ASOS offers the beautiful Reiss Zoe Shirt Dress. A statement in sublime but casual elegance, this long flowing frock is made from soft a woollen fabric with a nice, luxurious fit. Also, featuring long sleeves, handy pockets, and a convenient button down style, this shirt dress is at the same time sublime and comfortable.

Experience the wonderful charm of the divine shirt dress!

7 Must-Have Workwear Dresses for Spring 2017


Right now is the perfect time to upgrade your work attire and spring into your closet. Fitted, flowy and sleek… There is something for everyone! Get rid of your bulky jumpers and take a look at these gorgeous workwear dresses!

(Click on the images to shop.)

1. Navy And Wavy

Navy Fit And Flare Shirt Dress

A fit and flare navy dress with a bit of a lace detailing is always a safe option on those lazy Monday mornings we all loathe. The adorable dress with a stunning cut sets out a dose of a retro vibe that will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Classy Stripes

V by Very Longline Stripe Shirt Dress

Pinstripe dresses are on-trend this spring. This pattern gives you the freedom to experiment with your daily looks and make them as preppy or as effortless as you like. Pair it with peep-toe booties, cute sandals or the good old oxfords – the choice is yours!

3. Pretty In Pink

Petite Shell Pink Double Pocket Shirt Dress

Having a shirt dress in your closet is an essential, but having a muted pink shirt dress is a must-have. The simplicity of this dress paired with the right accessories offers you a variety of styles and outfit combinations. You will love it!

4. Chevron Print

M&S COLLECTION Chevron Print 3:4 Sleeve Swing Dress

The yellow chevron print of this dress bring out some spring playfulness and energy, while the flattering swing style keeps a certain “girl next door” look.

5. Floral Beauty

Phase Eight Naomi Shirt Dress

There is nothing better than a floral dress on a sunny spring day. The detailed flower pattern gives a nice contrast on the dark canvas. The dress has a waist-tie, perfect on every body shape.

6. Back To Black

Karen Millen Button Detail Shift Dress

If you are the type of woman who adores the classic, clean looks, we have the upgraded, sleek work attire for you. Designed for every confident lady, this dress is an embodiment of minimalism and style. The highlight is definitely the unique perforated sleeves.

7. Vibrant And Bold

Closet London Floral Print Short Sleeve Dress

This dress is the perfect mix of a catwalk chic and work-fitting look. The unlined design with the back detailing and the side pockets make a unique dress that deserves to be in your spring collection. It’s perfect for all the girls who love to be in the spotlight, even in their workplace. 😉

Look Smart with These Beautiful Tweed Dresses


Can you feel the need for tweed?
This lovely traditional fabric is perfect for formal wear such as these
dresses below, and allows you to combine playful and chic.

Dolce & Gabbana flower patch tweed dress

Dolce & Gabbana flower patch tweed dress

This stylish and sophisticated dress is made with a blend of grey and white wool, mohair, alpaca, silk and cotton in a
herringbone pattern. It features a unique flower patch, a square neck, a sleeveless pleated design, fastens at the
back. It is definitely one of the most original formal dresses we have ever seen!

Karen Millen Tweed Dress

Karen Millen Tweed Dress

This classic black and white tweed mini dress has a playful fringed
hem and matching collar. This dress zips at the back.

MOLLY BRACKEN Short-Sleeved Tweed Dress with Belt

Short-Sleeved Tweed Dress with Belt

This short-sleeved dress with tweed effect fabric comes in a dynamic flared shape and a
round neck. The dress really comes together with its cute little black buckle belt.

Check Tweed Shift Dress

Check Tweed Shift Dress

This woven tweed shift dress features a quirky plaid pattern, two button front pockets, a round neckline (perfect if
you want to wear a shirt underneath), a concealed back zip, and a sleeveless cut. You can wear it as is or on top of
a long-sleeved shirt for quick and easy smart look!

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Our 5 Favourite Vintage Dresses


We have added a lot of new dresses in our online catalogue, and among these are some lovely and rare vintage pieces. We have selected the ones that we think really stand out below. Get them quickly before they all go! 😉

Louis Feraud Vintage vine print shirt dress

Louis Feraud Vintage vine print shirt dress

How could you not fall in love with this French pastel blue silk vine print dress? It has a classic collar, side slits, long sleeves, button cuffs, concealed button fastening and a straight hem. Style it with elegant heels and you’re set for any classy event!

Pierre Cardin Vintage herringbone print dress

Pierre Cardin Vintage herringbone print dress

This is a rare sixties piece by Pierre Cardin! With its red and white cotton herringbone print, round neck, short sleeves and decorative button tabs, this dress will make you stand out. We recommend some 60s patent leather boots to complete the “space-age” look.

Courrèges Vintage printed evening dress

Courrèges Vintage printed evening dress

This long and dreamy dress from Courrèges is made from turquoise blue printed silk and dates back from the seventies. It features a lovely bow at the back, a halterneck design and front button fastening. Courrèges is one of our favourite designers and we’ve never seen another dress like this one!

Emilio Pucci Vintage abstract print dress

Emilio Pucci Vintage abstract print dress

If you’re looking for a bold Italian dress from the eighties, look no further! This orange, white and yellow cashmere-silk blend abstract print dress from Emilio Pucci features a round neck, a concealed rear zip, three-quarter length sleeves and a short shift silhouette. The geometric pattern goes well with both vintage and modern accessories.

Chanel Vintage geometric print knitted dress

Chanel Vintage geometric print knitted dress

This beautiful blue geometric print knitted dress by Chanel features a boat neck, a sleeveless design, a rear keyhole detail and a silver-tone button shoulder detail. We love the subtle shapes created by knitted fabric. Wear with some silver brogues a simple yet elegant look.

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Shop the Latest Dress Styles with Dresslover!


We are super excited to share some of our favourite dresses with you right now!
We have limited ourselves to a few categories for today, but don’t worry! We will be
adding loads more very soon…

Party Dresses

These little dresses are cute, colourful and playful.
Wear them for any special occasion and you will be sure to stand out from the crowd!
Combine with your favourite clutch and high heels for a winning outfit.

Maxi Dresses

These long dresses are the go-to pieces if you want a guaranteed “chic” look.
Choose for intricate embroidered details, delicate lace or elegant tiered structures.
Perfect for the last few weeks of summer!

Mini Dresses

What could be cuter and more feminine than a mini dress?
We have chosen some stunning models for you. Our absolute favourite
is the cutwork scallop back A-line mini dress, which has a lovely 60s feel to it.

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